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What might be the cause for the memory card to get corrupted? I just know that my memory card is corrupted as I am not able to access the card. Is there any way out for corrupted photo recovery and get back my precious photos I had stored on that memory card?


Once the memory card is corrupted, its performance goes down and data on the card is damaged. If the memory card is not readable, it’s not possible to access the photos and videos stored in the card.

There might be plenty of reasons for the memory card corruption, but the fact is that, the precious photos stored on the memory card can easily be recovered. Again, I would like to stress on a point that photo recovery possibilities depends on the level of corruption and the availability of the lost files without getting overwritten.

Few of the reasons for memory card corruption:

  • The most prominent reason which is accepted world wide – HUMAN ERROR. It is the primary cause of memory card corruption.
  • Memory card is removed before the data on the card is saved or transferred to another storage device (like computer)
  • The card may even get corrupted if the camera’s battery goes off during the transfer of data from the card to any other storage device (like computer)
  • And one more main problem is formatting of the memory card. If you try to insert a memory card to a camera that is formatted on a computer then chances are that the memory card might get corrupted.

Way to recover corrupted memory card?

For the question “How to recover corrupted memory card” the answer is a simple YES. Data from a corrupted memory card can easily be recovered using a best quality and powerful photo recovery software.

The software is intelligent enough to read the card without harming it by writing anything on to the card. Usually the best quality software that is available in the market will be read-only utility which does not change any data on the memory card.

Most of the software comes with the Demo version that can tested for FREE. Using the demo version you can test the reliability of the software as you can see the preview of the recovered photos. Once you get confirmed and reach the confidence level that the software is worth to purchase, proceed for purchasing and get back your lost precious photos.

I was performing some setting change in my camera and by mistake deleted the photos which I had captured. Those photos are of my sweet little angel which I need to get back at any cost. What can I do now? Are there any possibilities to recover deleted photos?

Photo Recovery Software from Memory Card

Photo Recovery Software from Memory Card

Need not worry, just sit back and relax. Chances of recovering your deleted photos are high. Just follow certain guidelines as explained in this blog which will really help you in getting back your lost memories.

First of all let me educate you as what to be done in such cases when you realize that you have deleted the most important photos.

Most importantly, the moment you realize that you have deleted the photo, please STOP using the memory card, remove the memory card from your camera and store it in a safe place. As you might be aware, the photos we captured get accumulated in a memory card and not in the camera. Do not come to a conclusion that, once you delete the photo you should stop using the camera. No, rather you can still continue using the camera by using a different memory card. Just be cautious enough to stop using that memory card from which delete photos have to be recovered.

Secondly, let me explain you as why you should stop using the memory card from which deleted photos have to be recovered.

When you delete a photo, the file system of the memory card marks that deleted space as available space in which the new captured photos get stored. Once the deleted photo get overwritten by a new photo, it becomes highly impossible to get back such deleted photos by using any recovery means.

Thirdly, what you should do to recover deleted photos.

Do not rely on trial an error method, doing which will still worsen the recovery possibilities. Rather than that, you can Google for the best quality Photo Recovery Software. There are varieties of photo recovery tools available in market and you can also check the reliability of software by using the demo version of the software. Once you are confirmed of your recovery you can proceed for purchasing the software and can easily recover your deleted photos.

You can continue using the camera with a different memory card.

Know that the photos are stored in a memory card

There are high chances of recovering your deleted photos.